Hydraulic press

Hydraulic press is one of the equipment for testing the bursting force of pipes. Adopt the way of face seal and radial seal, adapt to the global unsealed carbon steel pipe, stainless steel pipe, titanium alloy pipe, special-shaped coil, and other pipe bursting force test! It has the functions of pre test flushing, pressure test inspection, drainage, etc. PLC control, advanced structure, stable operation.

  • Hydraulic press: Hydraulic press is one of the equipment for testing the bursting force of pipes.
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    Our hydraulic testing machine products have been put into use in many companies, and won the praise and recognition of customers with advanced technology and reliable performance.

    Integrated production facilities:

    With CNC lathe, all operators have passed professional technical training and operate in strict accordance with the enterprise standard and ISO9001 standard.

    Independent spray booth to ensure the production meets the environmental protection requirements.

    Suzhou Hanrui Electric Co., Ltd. has won a good reputation for its stable hydraulic press, ASTM standard pipe, competitive price and good after-sales service (especially long-term stable spare parts supply). At present, customers from Asia, the Middle East, North America and Europe have cooperated with us, and non-standard hydraulic test / stamping equipment has greatly helped users in the market competition.




    It is commonly used in pipe test such as seamless steel pipe, stainless steel pipe, titanium alloy pipe, copper pipe and aluminum pipe. Our company’s biggest tenet is to produce hydraulic press to provide advanced and high-quality testing equipment to fill the gap in the market. The hydraulic press can be divided into automatic type and manual type. The manual type can test four pipes at one time, but it needs manual work. Positioning, sealing, clamping and pressing are automatic. The length of the pipe can be adjusted by 2-15m to meet the needs of different seamless pipes customer.


    Automatic type: only one tube can be tested at a time. The tube automatically enters the rack, automatically processes materials, automatically sorts, positions, vacuumizes, seals, clamps and presses all automatically; the part of the lower rack automatically sorts the genuine and defective products. It plays an important role in actual production. One is to save cost, but to save labor and improve the regeneration rate of pipes. The hydraulic press produced by our company is widely used in the product quality detection of pipe manufacturers, and is an indispensable and important detection and blasting equipment. Now it has been successfully developed: manual type and automatic type.SYJ-00A机架 SYJ-00B机架 SYJ-00C机架 SYJ-00D机架 SYJ-00E机架 SYJ上料架 SYJ主机架压力表 水压机工装头 水压机机架 水压机机头压力表 水压机主机架 水压机主机架A 水压机主机架B 水压机主架 水压智能型高压泵

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