• Seamless pipe hydraulic press

    Seamless pipe hydraulic press

    Hydraulic press is one of the equipment for testing the bursting force of pipes. Adopt the way of face seal and radial seal, adapt to the global unsealed carbon steel pipe, stainless steel pipe, titanium alloy pipe, special-shaped coil, and other pipe bursting force test! It has the functions of pre test flushing, pressure test inspection, drainage, etc. PLC control, advanced structure, stable operation.
  • Titanium tube pneumatic machine

    Titanium tube pneumatic machine

    It can't be replaced in tube processing industry, especially in boiler factory, cooling equipment factory, air conditioning supporting factory and auto parts factory. It is commonly used in seamless tubes, such as copper tube, aluminum tube, titanium tube, nickel tube, zirconium tube, seamless tube, welded stainless steel tube, extruded stainless steel tube, finished tube capillary test. It is usually used to test the damage of capillary tube with air pressure of about 0.3MPa ~ 0.85mpa, water pressure and Air pressure has its advantages and disadvantages. The pneumatic machine * * can test 4 pieces, separating the automatic type and the automatic type; the manual type manual feeding and manual blanking are suitable for 1m-5m; the automatic type * * selects the automatic type for the fixed length pipe, because the testing material is too long and it is not easy to load and unload.
  • Metal peeling machine

    Metal peeling machine

    The Skin scraper originated in Jiangsu province in 1996. It is a non-standard equipment which has been identified and developed by engineers of various industries in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai. Now it has been maturely honed and put into actual industrial production. It is difficult to meet the demand of the mill supply, the reason is that the outer layer of the tube is too thick and the spots are too deep, which can only be handled with heavy equipment. At first, only one or two can be shaved. Later, through the production practice of my company, the work efficiency has been greatly improved
    About the traditional mechanical part of the peeling machine: after long-term transformation of the machine by technical personnel, it can realize intelligent, automatic turning of the pipe knife rest, and can manually adjust the Angle flexibly and adjust the peeling thickness, so as to meet the production needs of different pipe equipment processors.
  • pipe cutting machine
  • Chip free cutting machine

    Chip free cutting machine

    Chip free cutting machine: it can also be called metal titanium pipe cutting machine. It is suitable for one-time cutting and forming of round pipe, square pipe and special-shaped pipe. It adopts reciprocating feeding system, not limited to the length of pipe, with high degree of automation. It can directly import three-dimensional graphics, automatically identify the cutting track, and carry out precision and high-speed machining. The machine is equipped with a fully automatic official system, which can be selected according to customer requirements. The parts formed by laser processing have no burr, black mouth, and the same product size has high consistency.
  • Boring machine

    Boring machine

    Boring machine: it is mainly used for the important process requirements before the cold rolling equipment processes the pipe.
  • Hydraulic press lock

    Hydraulic press lock

    This is a lock for a hydraulic press
  • Flat head machine

    Flat head machine

    At present, the company focuses on the research and development, manufacturing and production of non-standard pipe processing equipment. Now the main products are developed and produced: scraper, pneumatic machine, hydraulic press, polishing machine, belt type precision polishing machine, rotary pipe cutting machine, chamfering machine, flat head machine and non-standard pipe equipment.
  • Thousand impeller polishing machine

    Thousand impeller polishing machine

    Thousand impeller polishing machine
  • Automatic chamfering machine

    Automatic chamfering machine

    This is a single head chamfering machine
  • Laser tube cutting machine

    Laser tube cutting machine

    Laser tube cutting machine is suitable for high speed and high quality laser cutting of stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, aluminum, copper, titanium and other metal tubes. Compared with traditional cutting advantages, flexible better, no need to open the mold, greatly save new product development time, fast speed, high precision, can achieve pipe opening, cutting, intersecting line and conventional ways difficult to achieve a variety of special-shaped complex graphics precision cutting.
  • Centerless polishing machine

    Centerless polishing machine

    Centerless polishing machine
    Long considered the most productive method for heavy stock removal, centerless grinding provides close tolerances and surface finishes.

    The varieties of part groups are extensive and include the following:
    Centerless Grinding
    shafting and light rolls
    small diameters
    pipe and tubing
    Consider centerless grinding for pre-sizing your barstock prior to chucker operations or screw machine parts production. Many companies use us to hold size on cold finished rounds to fit pillow block bearings

    We can grind the entire length of an outside diameter or "plunge grind" a step down to a smaller diameter in one-third the time required by cylindrical grinding methods on the following materials:

    carbon steel and stainless steel
    aluminum and its alloys
    copper and its alloys
    brass and its alloys
    plastics, though not all are grindable
    glass and quartz
    cast iron
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