it is irreplaceable in tube processing industry, especially in boiler factory, cooling equipment factory, air conditioning supporting factory and auto parts factory. It is commonly used in seamless tube such as copper tube, aluminum tube, titanium tube, nickel tube, zirconium tube, seamless tube, welded stainless steel tube, extruded stainless steel tube, product tube capillary test. Generally, it is used to test the damage of capillary tube with air pressure of about 0.3MPa ~ 0.85mpa Water pressure and air pressure have their own advantages and disadvantages. The pneumatic machine can test up to 4 pieces, which can be divided into automatic type and automatic type; manual manual feeding and manual blanking are suitable for 1m-5m; automatic type is the best choice for sizing pipe, because it is not easy to load and unload the materials too long.

Post time: Jun-03-2019