belt polishing machine

Belt polishing machine with high efficiency, high finish, can choose all kinds of mold and other characteristics. This machine is mainly used for: hardware, electroplating, steel and wood furniture, standard parts, auto parts and other manufacturing industries. It is suitable for grinding and polishing the outer surface of all kinds of shaft, rod and pipe, super long stainless steel tube, boiler tube, high precision tube, titanium alloy rod, hydraulic rod of construction machinery, shock absorber rod of automobile and motorcycle, valve rod; All kinds of metal and non - metal bar, pipe, plastic, rubber tube, all kinds of wire polishing and grinding. By adjusting the feed of the grinding head, the size of the polishing can be selected, and the feed speed of the workpiece can be adjusted to achieve the ideal polishing effect. Polishing wheel can use a variety of commonly used grinding wheel, hemp wheel, cloth wheel, nylon wheel, etc. After polishing, the surface of the round pipe can achieve mirror effect, and can polish stainless steel pipe, iron pipe, aluminum pipe and shaft parts, etc., the polishing quality is higher than the polishing process

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